Black Core Studio is a UK based art collective founded in 2014 by international urban artist Paul Crabtree


Paul Crabtree is a self taught mixed media artist based in the UK. Working under the Black Core Studio brand name, Paul creates and collaborates with artists from around the world. His painted skulls are collected worldwide and he has worked on many commissions for TV celebrities, sports personalities and Adventurers. Always imitated never duplicated - Paul's work is unmistakable and instantly recognisable. Working with spray paint, marker pens, acrylic and digital media, each piece of art is completely unique. 


Black Core Studios have collaborated with many artists on some exciting projects, most notably joining forces with world renowned California based surf artist Drew Brophy in 2014 to create a piece entitled Radioactive. The unique project was a massive success and the painted skull has since sold out in the US and the UK. 2018 will bring more exciting collaborations and some cool projects with some high profile collectors.