• Image of Captain America HD

Printed on stunning HD Metal panel - ready to hang!
HD metal is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. HD Metal consists of a thin aluminium plate with a special coating on top. The result is phenomenal!! Razor-sharp, ultra strong with a never seen before photo quality. The material we use is scratch-resistant and waterproof so you can even hang it outside! Comes with a free hanging system and spacer for the wall. HD Metal was created for galleries and top photographers and our prints look stunning on it!
Our HD Metal is supplied by the world famous brand ChromaLuxe. ChromaLuxe is the world leader in the field of materials for sublimation prints. Using the dye-sublimation technique, the images are "injected" in surfaces that are modified with a special coating layer. This results in a very high-quality image with razor-sharp clarity and vibrant colours.